Fishing Village

Although the fishing village does not represent a specific prototype, it is intended to show a small coastal town in the 1950s.  The village has a number scratch built homes, a general store, and a church with parsonage and graveyard.  Businesses include a Stinson Canning cannery, warehouse and a number of marine oriented shops and businesses along the water. The Fisherman's Memorial Park is located next to the depot.  A tidal river runs through the scene which is guarded by a lighthouse on a rocky point of land.  A shipyard with a schooner under construction is located on the other side of the river; as well as a coal fired power plant and a harbor side restaurant (to be installed).  The railroad crosses the river on a set of double track truss bridges on the upstream side and a double track swing bridge on the downstream side.

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Photos by George Paine

Revised 5-2013


A 1930s mixed train arrives at the depot

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Fishing Village

Hillside Village

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