Layout Description

The HO scale layout has been under construction since the fall of 2006 and will take several years to complete. The layout room is 46 x 20 feet and the layout is an around the walls design with a center peninsula. The design was competed and construction started in the fall of 2006. The main line is a double track loop with two bypasses that allow independent running of two to four trains during display times when the museum is open. The main line is 211 feet long, which converts to 3.45 scale miles. There is approximately 600 feet of track and 80 turnouts. Construction has started on an HOn30 loop on the left and back sides of the layout that will represent 2 foot narrow gauge. All the standard gauge main line subroadbed, roadbed and track is complete, as well as track in the switching yard and servicing area on the right side.


Most of the effort has been on the center peninsula, yard and servicing areas. The Dragon Products cement plant, quarry and the fishing village are almost complete. Construction of the yard and servicing areas are well under way, and a hillside village at the base of the right aisle has started. Cables and temporary controls have been installed to all Tortoise switch machines. The yard and servicing area for the narrow gauge and a farm and village at the front left corner of the layout are in the planning stages.


Controls are a Digitrax Super Chief digital command control with radio throttles. Turnouts are operated by Tortoise switch machines; the temporary turnout controls will be replaced by permanent control panels that will be installed in the future. The benchwork L-girder style. Subroadbed is 3/4 plywood with cork roadbed and code 83 nickel silver track.


This is our track plan:

Revised 5-2013

Track Plan

Photo by George Paine


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