Narrow Gage

Our model railroaders started work on the narrow gage “high line” section of the layout in the fall of 2010. The track plan is a loop to loop arraignment. One end of the loop includes a planned depot, engine house, freight station, and connection to the standard gage main line. The other end loop will be a farming town with a depot, creamery, homes and farm fields.


The track is HOn30, which means HO scale 30” narrow gage which is used to represent 2 foot narrow gage. 30” HO scale track has the same track spacing as N scale standard gage track allowing use of N scale locomotive mechanisms in locomotives.


The subroadbed and roadbed have been installed on this section of the layout; track installation will proceed during the summer and fall of 2011. The narrow gage will be a single track mainline with a reversing loop at each end and a passing siding in the middle.

Photos by George Paine


Created 6-2011

This is a size comparison of an HO scale standard gage locomotive and an HOn30 narrow gage locomotive

This is a size comparison of an HO scale standard gage track, HOn30 narrow gage track and N scale standard gage track

Some of our narrow gage locomotives and rolling stock in the display case.

Double standard gage track mainline and narrow gage roadbed being installed at back of the layout. The depots for standard and narrow gage and interchange, and servicing for the narrow gage will be located here.

This is the roadbed for the narrow gage mainline with standard gage mainline at a lower level.

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