The first generation Fisher-bodied Series 62 used a 129” wheelbase and it was available as a two-door club coupe, four-door sedan or four-door convertible. All Cadillacs shared the same 346 cubic inch, 135 HP, L-head V8 in 1941, with the power rising to 150 HP in 1942.

New in 1940 was Cadillac’s use of the fully shiftless Hydro-matic transmission. The Hydro-matic, originally developed by Oldsmobile in 1939, became a staple of this line until 1949. The combination produced a 0-60 mph time of 40 seconds and a top speed of approximately 100 mph.

The Cadillac Series 62 vehicles are some of the most well-known vehicles that Cadillac has ever produced. Many collectors have great respect for the Series 62.models and they do tend to stand out in the minds of many Cadillac fans - it replaced the mid-sized Series 70 in 1941 and was produced until 1964. The Series 62 has undergone several name changes including the Series 6200 and the Cadillac Calais names.

This series of vehicles has also inspired the start of many other vehicles that began simply as trim levels and became their own models. The Series 62 vehicles are a perfect representation of how vehicles tend to change over the years, depending upon what sells and what features are available.

Cadillac started out with a relatively small engine that grew and grew and provided a respectable amount of power in the end.

1941 produced another record sales year for Cadillac – sales topped 66,000.vehicles.

This was the last year that GM produced a convertible sedan in any of its model lines.