This 4-door, 5 passenger Phaeton has a wheelbase of 103 ½”, a 10 gallon fuel tank, rear-mounted spare tire, and weighs 2203 pounds. Colors, this year, were Andalusite Blue, Kewanee Green, Thorne Brown. Chicle Drab and Copra Drab. Ford produced 16,470 Standard Phaetons in 1930.

In cooler climates, owners could purchase an aftermarket cast iron unit to place over the engine exhaust manifold to bring heated air into the cab. A small door could be opened or closed to adjust the amount of heat entering the cab – by today’s standards, this could be dangerous!

Model As were the first automobile to have safety glass in the windshield.

Since it was one of the most common cars, the Ford Model A was well represented in the media of the era. In modern times, it has reappeared “most notably” in the remake of the movie “King Kong”, as taxi cabs and police cars.

Model As were manufactured in the USA, Argentina, Germany, Ireland and England. European cars were taxed according to engine size. Ford equipped the Model As with a 2,033 cc motor providing a claimed output of just 40 hp. However, the engine size was still large enough to equate to a fiscal horsepower rating of 24 hp and attracted a punitive car tax levy of L24 in the UK and similar penalties in other principal European markets. Competing with European-made cars, the Model A failed to achieve the USA sales success in Europe.

During the production lifespan of the Model A, lasting until August 31. 1931, Ford Motor Company produced 4,320,446 vehicles – the A was then replaced by the Model B.