The Peerless motor car was often compared to the Packard and Pierce-Arrow for luxury and prestige. Our Peerless seats seven passengers, has a soft California-top that cannot be removed, has 4 doors, and originally sold for $2,880 in 1922. Production that year was 4,240 automobiles.

Wheelbase is 125”, V-8 engine, 33.8 HP, 3 speeds, 16 valves, and tires are 34x4 ½”. Standard equipment: speedometer, power tire pump, electric horn, demountable rims, and ammeter.

An advertisement appeared in the May 1922 Saturday Evening Post announcing that the Peerless Motor Car Company had been acquired and was being operated by R. H. Collins and associates. This ad copy is credited to Theodore F. McManus, a famous copywriter and advertising name, and the large illustration of a young lady seated in a Peerless, to McClelland Barclay.

“The more closely the new management comes into personal contact with owners of the Peerless motor car, the more deeply impressed they are with its past and present performance.

Owners seem unanimous in their eager willingness to submit the Peerless to the most exacting comparison in point of performance, with the very finest motorcars extant.

Peerless motor cars are now being manufactured by R. H. Collins and his associates, and every day’s developments reveal more clearly the splendid foundation laid in advance of their coming. Among Peerless owners they have found a depth of satisfaction so pronounced that it is difficult to express or explain.

The car on which they are bringing to bear all their skills and experience was already so good that the very earliest of the eight-cylinder models are still rendering superb service in all parts of the world.

From what they have found of the past and from what they have been able to accomplish, they are convinced that the Peerless has everything to gain by comparative tests which determine real and substantial value in a motorcar.

There are going into a Peerless today, a fineness and accuracy of manufacturing measurement, a scrupulous care in the choice of materials, and a beauty and durability of finish, which stamp it as one of the world’s really great motor cars.

We believe it is the universal conviction among Peerless owners that, under existing market conditions, it would be impossible for those seeking a really fine, serviceable, long-lived motor car to make a sounder, safer investment than the Peerless.”