2023 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends,

As we prepare for the start of the holiday season, we take time to give thanks to our Museum supporters.  It is with your generous and continued support that we close another successful season.   Thanks to you, we have not only survived the challenges of the past few years, but we have also continued to move forward.   And, while our number one priority remains constant: offering guests from around the globe a memorable experience, we are pleased to share a few additional projects completed in 2023:

Antique Auto Museum:  Completed:  Restoration of the 1929 Packard, 1923 Buick, and V8 Sign. In progress:  Restoration of the 1948 Cadillac, License Plate Display, and Hub Cap/Service Station.

Around the Village:  A new retaining wall to improve track safety, new roof on Freeport Station, new entrance and refinished floors in Town Hall, restored exterior of Business Office, new bridge from Playground to Schoolhouse, addition of multiple first aid kits installed, staff training in CPR/first aid.

New and Re-introduced Events:  Artisan Days, Volunteer Appreciation Day, first annual Founder’s Day, Civil War Encampment, Outboard Motor series by exhibit founder, Larry Stevenson.  New in 2024:  Lewiston First Responders Day (spring), First Responders Appreciation Weekend (fall).

 2023 Visitor Google Review: ‘Awesome experience, no matter what age. Our toddler had the best day looking at the cars and riding the train again and again. I think the adults on our trip had as much fun as he did! Larry was amazing with the antique cars: he knew everything you could about the cars. It’s a lot of fun hearing from someone who knows and loves the cars as well as he does. Train ride was a lot of fun and memorable. All the staff were so friendly and helpful. Can’t wait to visit again next year!’          Joel Chamberlain


 Buildings & Grounds: Lewiston Tower and Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Box Cars

The Lewiston tower is a historical building and in dire need of repair.  Based on conversations with museum founder, George McEvoy, we believe it was built sometime around the turn of the 19th Century.  It was brought to the museum around its establishment in 1964. The tower was used in Lewiston to operate crossing gates at multiple streets.

The box cars are authentic to the SR&RL line and operated at the turn from the 19th Century.  As original historical items, their preservation is critical to ensure continued education of how people, goods and services were transported in and around rural Maine. The box cars need siding repairs as well as some support structures to preserve them as a static display for future visitors. More about these projects can be found on the Adopt a Project page at RailwayVillage.org

Archival Building

Plans for the Archival Building continue to evolve, with the announcement of a complete update scheduled for early 2024. Funding for this project is ongoing and critical for the future preservation of Museum collections.  A timeline of developments will be available at RailwayVillage.org as they occur.

Endowment Fund

Cultivating our Endowment Fund is a vital step in building our legacy, as the Museum’s Founder envisioned. This fund, in collaboration with our supporters, enables us to build the long-term assets needed to sustain and thrive into the future. 

General Museum Fund:

As we plan for growth and improvement, we remain focused on our mission to conserve, display and interpret artifacts, authentic period structures and technologies utilized in Maine during the historical period of the Mid-19th through the Mid-20th Centuries.  Our massive 35-acre property is in constant need of care, and with that comes the need for regular funding.  Donations made to our General Museum Fund play a valuable role in the Museum’s future, allowing us to maintain the train tracks, buildings, grounds, Auto Museum, and all existing exhibits.  Donations allocated to the General Fund also allow us to overcome unexpected challenges as they arise, a priceless asset when maintaining a vintage village.

It Takes a Village, and WE NEED YOU!
Offering a rare opportunity for a hands-on historic experience in our region and state, the Museum’s existence relies on collaboration.  Continued support to reach our goals will ensure that the demonstrated progress of the last few years persists into 2024 and beyond.

100% Match on Donations Received before December 31, 2023:

We are honored to have a donor generously match all donations made before December 31, 2023, allowing us to reach our goals in half the time.  Matched donations can be designated to a specific project, or applied to our General Museum Fund, donor’s choice.   Donations of any size are valuable and appreciated, and all are 100% tax deductible. It is with deep appreciation that we ask our generous family of past donors, members, residents, and area businesses to help us, as we continue our mission to offer extraordinary learning experiences and meaningful recreation to locals and visitors.  We believe it is more important than ever to provide a safe and healthy environment for family and friends to spend quality time together.

On behalf of the staff, volunteers, and Board, we wish to thank you in advance, for your consideration.

Happy Holidays,

Caleb Hodgdon
President of the Board of Directors, Boothbay Railway Village Museum

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Thank You!  Your Support Makes a Difference.