Adopt a Project

Archiving Our Past by Building Our Future

It Takes a Village

Would you like to learn something new? Share your passion for history with others? Perhaps broaden your circle of friends?

1. Reenergize various existing planting beds or developing new ones — front of Town Hall, along the front fence along the tracks of Freeport Station (that would include pressure-treated curbing to define the bed), the island of the rear parking area near the Town Hall, in front of the Harrington House, clean up the planting beds in front of the Auto Museum, possible planting bed in front of the “blue office” building and in front of the Village gift shop?

2. Remove and replace wood siding shingles on the front of the “blue office” building as to pretty up the front of the building — as well as exterior painting of the wood shingles replaced.

3. Repair, sand and repaint stairway and related railing system to upstairs office in the “blue office” building.

4. Trim and remove brush at least four feet from the tracks being we might see growth being the train is not running regularly around the tracks this Summer?

5. Sand and seal the platforms of Thorndike and Freeport Stations with a clear sealer? Thompson’s or otherwise? Repaint the yellow line at the edge of the platforms?

6. Freshen up the pathways — from Freeport Station to the Town Hall…… …

7. The static “train display” near your office — repair the caboose if need be, sand and prep the overall display for paint, paint the static display, letter the display locomotive as well as rolling stock accordingly, and stone dust around the display?

8. Finish the display on how a locomotive or steam works that John Orne was working on with Brian — has the cut outs that expose the insides of a working locomotive. Needs to be further prepped, painted, mounted, possible interaction with the display and signage.

9. Repair the covered “bridge” and paint.

10. Place ballast within the Car Barn.

11. Restoration of the BS&R bridge — requires a major logistic commitment of one lead volunteer under the supervision of the Village staff as well as many.

12. Repaint and freshen up the Village gift shop to include particularly the porch area.

13. The Village Common Bathrooms — paint interiors after the hot water system is installed, possible mural on the exterior, etc..

14. Cleaning out and freshening up the “tractor shed” display with the possibility of restoring a piece a year? Placement of stone dust, install better signage……..

15. Freshen up the “farm implements'” display along the Fire Station? Placement of stone dust, cleaning up the implements, better signage, cataloguing collection………

16. Inside the Fire Station — Remove “cages, build half walls, clean-up apparatus, paint interiors, better signage and a story line………….

D. Development of a “volunteer corps” that might aid and “adopt” pieces of cataloguing the Village collection that would be limited research prior to the hiring of the Director of Education & Curator targeting possibly the history of each car on display, development of a “display wall” in the auto museum that would showcase a “story” about a car that will be unveiled next year or manufacturing of cars or car parts in Maine prior to 1950, new signage, cleaning as well as freshening up the display in the southwest corner of the auto museum…………..

If you’d like to learn more, contact 207-633-4727 or email to [email protected]