Archaeology Club

Thanks to the Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust, the Railway Village Museum is now offering a unique learning opportunity in the form of free “Archaeology Clubs” to grades 5th – 7th. Our archaeology clubs will allow students to experience the process of artifacts being excavated from an archaeological dig to being displayed at a museum. Led by archaeologist and Railway Village Museum Director of Curation, Dr. Whitney Lytle, students will participate in each step of the process using professional tools, methods, and techniques.

After initial preparation meetings between Dr. Lytle andarticipating teachers, the club will take place as a multi-part program including in-school visits from museum curator and guided in-class activities that will take place over the course of the Spring or Fall semester. The clubs can be tailored to fit teacher and student needs, so be sure to discuss with Dr. Lytle how the program can work for you. No two clubs will be exactly the same!

Archaeology Club General Format:
Part 1: In-class visit from archaeologist, Dr. Whitney Lytle with introduction to the program and presentation on archaeology and museums. A discussion on how archaeologists use artifacts to learn about aspects of a culture will be a key topic.
Part 2: Teachers will allow time in class before Dr. Lytle’s second visit for students to create artifacts in their groups. This can be as in-depth as time allows. (Dr. Lytle will discuss options based on teacher’s schedule)
Part 3: In-class visit where students will layout excavation units on predetermined location on school property using professional tools and methods to bury their created artifacts.
Part 4: In-class visit where students will use tools and methods to excavate.
Part 5: Students will discuss their interpretation of the artifacts they excavated and how they would use the artifacts to describe the culture they came from.
Part 6: Student groups will develop an “exhibit” of their excavated artifacts and present to one another.

For more information please contact Dr. Lytle at [email protected]