Current 2020 Memberships honored in 2021!

 Dear Members and Friends of the Railway Village Museum,
 We are delighted to notify you that your 2020 Railway Village Museum Memberships were not lost! Covid-19 has taken away so much from our normal lives and the many activities we have cherished year after year. Fear not. The Board of Directors and Staff at the BRV are pleased to honor current 2020 memberships through the 2021 season. All memberships set to expire June through December 2020 will be valid until your expiring month of 2021.

We have been busy during this shutdown to make sure the buildings and grounds are in tip-top shape for your impending arrival next season. We have had changes in staff with retirements to celebrate and new faces to learn the ropes. Everyone is working behind the scenes to reintroduce the beloved Railway Village to the community. We are so much more than a train ride! Our generous donors have added to the BRV collection and we hope to show off our new collections next season. 

The General Store is being revitalized to it’s new beginning and you may be able to shop for wonderful antique items in the aptly named Iron Horse Antiques & General Store for Christmas this year! We will follow the State Mandated guidelines as we have all been introduced to, but what a great way to end the 2020 year. Breathing new life and excitement into the cherished Railway Village Museum! 

Thank you for your support and loyal patronage. We hope you will continue to consider us for future donations as we move towards an exciting 2021 Season!

Not a current member but interested in becoming one? We would love to welcome you! CLICK HERE for all of the details, or contact our Business Manager, Donna Brewer at: [email protected]


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