Corporate Sponsorship

Among the corporate marketing strategies that promote a products and services, sponsorship is one of the few with potential for major ROI. Boothbay Railway Village:

  • Brings people to area communities – consumers that routinely support the services, products and programs offered by local, state and national corporations
  • Dramatically enhances the local economy through the monies spent by Village full-time and seasonal staff – and the millions spent by visitors to our community and our state
  • Attracts historical and transportation enthusiasts interested in our niches – local history, antique automobiles, model railroads and trains – members and donors who are collectors, experts, and, most importantly, purchasers of specialty goods for their hobbies and interests

Beyond these advantages, we offer opportunities to showcase corporate identity

  • WEBSITE Listing, logo and live link on our website, 140,000 unique visitors annually
  • 2021 MUSEUM VISITOR GUIDE Logo on 10,000 copies of Guide.
  • Museum Dedicated display space for corporate cards

Please call 207-633-4727 or email us for a Corporate Sponsorship Packet.

Invest in a Corporate Sponsorship