Paul Kozak

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First, though it is true that my knowledge is increasing, and that I have many potentialities that are not yet actual, this is all quite irrelevant to the idea of Art, which contains absolutely nothing that is potential; it is infinite. – Rene Descartes

Artist Statement: My introduction to stone sculpture was quite inadvertent. I had always thought I would become a man of letters: I would direct plays, write stories, and study Shakespeare… but a chain of events, a stubbornness to change my ways, and a job as a rock carrier gave me a new direction. I discovered an affinity for a material more stubborn than myself with massive power, potential, and infinite history. By forming and combining both architectural shapes and random patterns, creating balance and tension, respecting the primal power that is in the material, working with stone would be the language I learn to tell stories that are symbolic of our collective joys and struggles. Sculpture shows the eternal bond between man and nature; how in one direction we head toward chaos and then respond to chaos by creating structure that exemplifies our desire for a sense of place, belonging, and peace.

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