Iron Horse Antiques
+ General Store

We are incredibly excited to open the old doors of the new Iron Horse Antiques and General Store.  Located at the entrance of the 57 year-old Railway Village Museum, the store is a natural fit for antique lovers.


The store will be open from Memorial Day to Christmas, with varying hours, as follows:

 May 28-30         Fri-Sun,     10a-5pm  GRAND OPENING

Jun 3-6                Thur-Sun, 10a-5pm

Jun 10-13            Thur-Sun, 10a-5pm

Jun 17-20            Thur-Sun, 10a-5pm

Jun 22-Oct 21     Tues-Sun, 10a-5pm

Oct 22-Dec 21    Thur-Sun, 10a-5pm

Meet Our Vendors:


Fran Scannell

Lone Pine Design

Laura Kowacki

Pat Stauble Antiques

Pat Stauble

Westwind Antiques

Eleanor & Steve Alley

Roads End Designs

 Mike & Martha

East Boothbay
Trading Co.

Laura & Tony De Haas

Black Dog Antiques & Collectibles

Lana B.

Wizard of Odds & Ends

Richard Plunkett

The Glass Window

Pam Reed

Trove Galleries

Andy Robinson

TopNeck Designs

Craig & Dina Bardsley

Compass Rose Antiques

Heidi Ellrich

Tin Fish

Dana Moses and Nancy McEvoy